Dua Abdel Qader, is an innocent girl of 14 years. As any girl of her age is likely to do, she was walking around her village in Tulkarem, and she dared to cross the Apartheid Fence (the wall is apparently not built there). Well, you see she is not like any girl of her age, because she is Palestinian. She was found guilty as charged, and shot dead at once.
Her father, who was held up in an Israeli prison for entering Israel "illegally", probably in an attempt to find work, was blocked from even attending his girl's funeral.
In any place on this planet, this would have been considered sick, no? This kind of stories happens all the time here, yet the world has not come to recognise that the dynamic of international politics and diplomacy are not saving the lives of innocent people, they are only allowing for more and more such violations.
(more details on the story are available on http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/803761.html )

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