Actually if you search google for the RMTS you will never find what I am talking about. It is one of these imaginary plans I draw up for implementation when I am king. However imaginary, the Ramallah Mass Transport System is badly needed.
Ramallah is concidered a city, well it can only qualify as a medium scale town in international standards, but our municipality is thinking of developing the Ramallah-Bireh-Beitunia Metropolitan! (That's true- there is an actual plan for this)
Despite being so small, Ramallah has rush hour traffic jams worse than Bangkok on a Monday morning. Primarilly because the roads were designed and built in the early 1900s when there were a handful of cars, with no potential for expansion because of the density of the buildings around these main roads. Us, Palestinians, also love adding to the problem a second... We think that by having so many taxi drivers we can overcome the soaring unemployment rates... What we do in fact is creating a worse environment, cause serious panic and anger among ourselves, especially because (Elena says and other Italians agree) all Palestinian drivers are Maraglios: they have no consideration for whatever else is on the road and love to show off their driving talents (usually turns out like a bad talent show at midiocre American Junior High).
Anway, when we move into a better economic situation, the municipality should take things into its hand and create the RMTS. Imagine how much of the environment (and our nerves) can be saved if you didn't have to go in such senseless traffic jams every morning.

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elena said...

maraglio: an Italian slang word from Bologna city. In this case, a maraglio is somebody driving very badly a car with the side windows all down and the car stereo at full volume ....
Nedal, your Italian is everyday better .... :D