Yesterday was a sad day for Palestinians. The ongoing security mess which has been going on in Gaza for more than 5 years have claimed 4 new innocent victims. It is still not clear why the three children of Baaloosha family were killed with their father's driver. Speculations have it that Hamas fanatics decided to show they are up to the challenge after the ambush of Mr. Said Siyam's convoy the day before. But the results of taking the law into their hands had led to a massacare of innocent children who have no role in the political game being played at us between Hamas and Fatah. We have lived for years before the two amassed so much power and started turning our lives into a chaos, we never had to pay this price in children's blood. Maybe it's time for the both to go and leave us alone. You have blinded the eye which you tried to decorate with Kuhl- as the Palestinian proverb has it.

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