"Are you foreigners" shouted a voioce from up-mountain. "Is there a problem?" I replied. "Where are you from?" the voice replied, brandishing an M16 rifle from between the tree. "We are from Italy," replied the only foreigner in the group. "All of you?" the voice said again. "Is anything worng?" I interjected to divert the conversation, which was reaching a critical point. "No. Just be careful because there are Arabs around!"
I could not list all the feelings I had in reaction to that word. But the frustration, was so obvious, bordering on destructive anger was the main one. Contempt for the arrogance that this person, gives himself the right to assign himself as a protector of the land. This hid an implicit ranking of human beings. Because he gave himself to be the protector, he believes he tops the pyramid. His apparent "tolerance" for foreigners would mean that he places them just below him in that ranking system, and the "dangerous" image of the mysterious Arab he portrays can only mean that he places that Arab at the bottom of that pyramid.
Marwan says that there is a clinical term for that case: PSYCHOPATH.
I still relate things, as always, to the Apartheid framework. The Petty Apartheid, which we see in the "senseless" regulations is so much easier than the Grand Apartheid which governs their interactions with us. How does it feel to be told so blatantly that you are so much lower, gentile?!

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