Today, the Israeli Army announced in a statement that it will "postpone the implementation" of a new order which will prohibit Israelis to transport Palestinians in their cars.
Many Palestinians felt relief at this! Some would say that this is nice. We, however, forget that the normal thing is that this should not happen. No where in the world is it acceptable that you are not allowed to transfer someone else in your card based on nationality. This, however, shows how sad our situation is becomming, when we appreciate that we are not stripped from our right. We forget that it is uncomprehensible for others to hear this, and that we as humans, deserve to be free of such humiliation and discrimination.
The order itself is nothing more than an extension to the Apartheid policy currently implemented by Israel. The fact that separate road networks run throughout the West Bank for Arabs and Israelis is an illustration of how this policy dwarfs even the sickest of Apartheid South African policies which forced Blacks and coloured people to sit in the rear end of busses, reserving the front for Whites, it dwarfs the Pass laws which prohibited the movement of Blacks outside their "homelands" without a signed pass, it dwarfs the limitations on housing, employment and education that the Afrikaan Government imposed on Blacks and coloured. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of an Apartheid Policy that does not have its like in Israel.

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