N., a Palestinian Jerusalemite with British citizenship lost her residency rights in Jerusalem because she lived outside the city. Our cousins (The Israelis, as we call them in Palestine in reference to the brotherhood of Ishmael and Isac) have a policy were it is totally legal to strip palestinians of their residency rights in East Jerusalem. They annexed the city in 1981 but did not annex the Arab population. So Arabs living there have a right to reside but not the civil and political rights associated with citizenship, while their Jewish neighbours have full citizenship rights. To close the circle, the law indicates that those residents who are not citizens would lose any rights they have in Israel if they leave for a certain number of years. So if you leave the country for study or work, then you can't return.
N. is here on a visitor's visa, and recently Israel is limiting the number of ethnic Palestinians who are in the country on some foreign passport visa. Which means, N. can no longer live in her country!
It is very legal the Israelis say. Apartheid was legalised, I add.

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True, unfortunately.