Happy New Government

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mabruk for the 11th government! Did any of you ever stop to think what Palestine, Israel and Italy have in common? We all have more governments, more frequently than any other place in the world!
At least, in this new government we have our first "shakfeh" minister, Khulud Deibis for Tourism. hehehe she might get people interested in following up the cabinet meetings :).
(Photo:Al-Ayyam, 17.03.07)

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elena said...

well, in Italy we had 58 governments (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elenco_dei_Governi_Italiani_in_ordine_per_durata) from 1946 ... and the 2 shortest were only 11 days!
and right now we have as one of the Ministers Giovanna Melandri (I will not tell you about the other women...)