Yesterday, Tanya Reinhart passed away. Professor Reinhart was one of the main activists of the Israeli radical left. She described herself as a post-zionists, and in many of her articles she came out as an anti-zionists. She was a proponent of the Academic Boycott campaign against Israeli universities.
She wrote two main books documenting her views of the Middle East conflict: Israel/Palestine:How to End the War of 1948 and The Road Map to Nowhere.
She received her PhD in Linguistics from MIT where she worked under the supervision of Professor Noam Chomsky.
It is hard to speak objectively about dead people. But I know I can only be giving her her due respect when I commend her for her bravery, for being one of the few who broke the silence in Israeli society, and for being one of the first people to come out and give Israel its real label: Apartheid State.


Anonymous said...

There is a G-d. Now if only Noam, NOrman, and Ilan would follow suit

Ned said...

I don't know what G-d you are talking about. Everyone is going to follow suit, at least these people left a mark in this world with their bravery and ability to stand up against the tide. Unlike the others who continue to leave their marks by killing and oppression.