Bagar: 1. Cows (literally- in a very Jordanian accent)
2. People who think human life is about eating and sleeping, and consider anything out of this range to be out of the ordinary.

So the reason I think about this is that I had to pay a visit to the Intelligence officer at the Jordanian terminal while crossing into the country. The reason: The police man found my camera, a Nikon SLR with two lenses. "Are you a journalist?" He asked, "No.", "But this is a journalists' camera!", he says. I tried to correct his closed mindedness "No, it is a camera, and I have it because I like to take pictures."
"You like to take pictures, of what?"
"Anything I find interesting!"
"Ok, Follow me!"

The intel officer, who is supposed to be smarter, took the camera, and could not see an LCD display (since it is a film camera!) "So How can I see the picture?" he asked. "You have to develop the film, duh!" (ok, I didn't say duh, but I meant it!)
Anyway, if you are doing anything outside the range of eating sleeping and drinking, then you have to do a lot of explaining in this country.

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