The Bishara Affair

So, all the papers in Israel are talking about him!! "a big mouth who talks before he thinks," says Uri Elitzure. What? If Bishara does one thing in life, he thinks! And yes he talks a lot, but isn't that what intellectuals are supposed to do? lead their society? Not in Israel! But what would you expect from someone who goes on to say "The idea of "a state of all its citizens" does not work, and it would not work even if we change the words of our national anthem and annul the Law of Return." Yes, I agree with that, But I have a totally different explanation as to the why! It is simply, because an Ethnic state can never be a state for all its citizens, no matter how hard it tries!
Bishara, has finally declared his intention to resign, all the words that were passed earlier were just rumors, now it is official.
Upon his resignation, he will face legal action, possibly, due to his numerous visits to Syria, which is considered by Israel an enemy state. Bishara says, as an Arab, he does not see Syria as an enemy! which somewhat makes since. Afterall, Israel has gone out against Bishara and his people more than Damascus had (if it ever did).
I will be in the Heart of Damascus tomorrow! and in three weeks, I will be back at the Israeli Terminal in Allenby Bridge. I wonder what they would have to say at that.


Anonymous said...

"Afterall, Israel has gone out against Bishara and his people more than Damascus had (if it ever did)."

Two comments - 1. "his people" - i'm assuming that by his people you mean palestinians. however, if he is a member of a people not part of the people of the state of israel - what right does he have to serve in the knesset?

2. Damascus never went against the palestinians? I thought the refusal to accept large numbers of palestinians and leaving them to fend for themselves in tents and facilities run by other nations would be considered as something bad. guess i was wrong.

Ned said...

1. Bishara and his ancestors have lived in Nazareth, long before any other serving MK has! and please cut the bullshit about god's promise or that Kingdom of Israel 3000 years ago.
2. Well, did you try to ask yourself who sent those Palestinians out in such large numbers?

Anonymous said...

excuse me - first of all, i did not say anything about any deity's promise or the kingdom of anything - DO NOT put words in my mouth.

second of all - don't deny the validity of some people's claim to ancient ancestry in one place while claiming the same for someone else.

thirdly, i was talking about the sovereign state of israel, who bishara claims to represent, in its legislature - as a representative of the State of Israel. By saying "his people", as a way of differentiating his ancestors from the rest of Israel's citizenry's you are, in effect, describing a situation in which bishara has no right to serve in the knesset. period.

finally, i'm not going to get into details about why people fled or left or what have you but - it was a freaking war! a war, mind you started by israel's neighbors and not israel itself. if you really can think otherwise you have been misled.

Anonymous said...

oh, one more thing - even if israel did send out those palestinians, as you claim - that does not deny the validity of the fact that syria acted badly towards the palestinians. that was my argument. not that israel is perfect, that syria is bad.

Ned said...

If your argument is that Syria is bad, then it is an irrelevant argument. Because here we are talking about Israel being racist.

Anonymous said...

lovely, you have been proven wrong - and what do you do - say the entire argument (in which you participated) is now invalid.
that's the same as a little kid losing a board game, throwing the whole game onto the floor.