How Hamas surpassed the US

Imgine two populations which have been starved for a very long time through complex systems of financial and trade sanctions. A military occupation imposed on this population is going to further complicate the situation. Take for example the case of the US in Iraq. They came in, and thought they could eliminate all the existing national structures and start anew. So to start with they dissolved the army: the only institution which could have kept the stability. The result? you have a security mess.
Take a look at the other side of the Middle East: Gaza. Hamas took over in what was reminiscent of the fall of Baghdad 4 years ago. What did Hamas do afterwards? of course with a small force like the Executive Force you cannot rule almost 2 million people most of them in deep poverty. Hamas now controls the same security forces that used to belong to Fatah. They got rid of the previous leaders and promoted others from the lower ranks to lead the institutions. So the institutions remained in place, and were run by people who always worked in them. Therefore, these people did not need to start learning about the institution, its roles and its responsibilities, they just continued to do their job.
I think, therefore, that Hamas was much smarter than the US, albeit, maybe, just as evil.

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