The Wall mentality

IN 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, who came to be one of the enthusiasts of the Zionists right, wrote an essay titled "The Iron Wall". In this article Jabotinsky, advocates that Zionists' policy towards the Arabs of Palestine and the region should be an Iron Wall policy, a policy based on total isolation from the Arabs of the region which would inevitably force the Arabs to negotiate concessions with the Zionists.
Whether metaphorical or physical, walls are the most disgusting expression of separation from others. They are abrupt to the natural flow of things, and in essence they contradict with equality and justice. In that article Jabotinsky claims that his attitude to the Arabs is "polite indifference." But this exactly is when people lose their humanity. Because when you are indifferent to a whole people and you happen to rule them, then you are bound to also be indifferent to their needs, concerns and discrimination against them.
Well, after the Great Apartheid Wall of Israel, Israelis seem to have got a kick out of the idea. Residents of Moshav Nir Zvi began the construction of a wall that will separate the Moshav land from the Arab neighbourhoods of Lod. The Wall was approved by the government in 2002, and construction began but it has now stopped pending a court order.
If this mentality rules Israel now, then what can you expect to see in 20 years?

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