Hypocrisy again and again

If you speak to any Zionist, anywhere in the world, about the appalling human right violations perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians, you are likely to hear this argument: "Human right abuses are carried out in the Arab world everyday, why should Israel be singled out?"
Well, I am not going to get into the fallacy of the argument, since injustice being done somewhere does not justify injustice done somewhere else.
Israel was put to the test in the last few months, and as usual when it comes to issues of justice and equality, it failed. Last Saturday Israel extradited 50 Africans (mainly from Darfur), who crossed into the country a day earlier and requested asylum, back to Egypt.
Haaretz is worried that this comes in contradiction of international law.
Noise from Israel must be saying: International law? what's that!

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Renegade Eye said...

Very good post.

The Zionists proclaim support for the victims in Darfur, then you read your post, and the illusion is shattered.