Hypocrisy and bureaucracy

I don't know which city it was, but I remembered I smiled at a postcard that looked like the 'picture' to the left and on the back said "[city name] by night". This scene is not a reason to smile today because Gaza looks like this tonight. Over 2 million Palestinians in Gaza have to live on 8 hour blocks of electricity every day.
Outrageous? that's not what the EU thinks! It is conducting an "overall review" of the programme under which it funds the power supply to the strip. Apparently in some twisted bureaucrat's logic it is alright to put a whole population in darkness because they are not sure if the programme is consistent with their philosophy.
Obviously, Palestinians have a share of the blame. Israelis have their share as well. But to think that the EU, which continuously tries to present itself as a morally responsible player in the international scene, would force all economic and other activities to cease in the Gaza Strip is just one step too much. This redefines hypocrisy!

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