What is occupation?

To most people (military) occupation is the presence of a foreign army on another people's land. Many examples exist, political scientists would say, such as America and UK in Iraq, Syria in Lebanon, Morocco in Western Sahara, China in Tibet. Of course, the majority would avoid mentioning Israel in Palestine, but that's another story.
Occupation to political scientists is about the objectively verifiable fact of an army controlling a foreign land. For the people of that land, however, it is more than that. It is about another person controlling all the decisions you will take in your life. Even the simplest decision or plans you will ever have are going to be faced and challenged by the occupation. You marriage might be canceled if there is a curfew, your trip to these unrealised because of a checkpoint, your hopes for an income from the sale of olive oil shattered when a soldier pours it onto the street, your attempts to get health care failed, or your plans for a university education destroyed simply because the border is closed and you can't leave.
Occupation affects people, normal people. The majority of people affected by this are not revolutionaries, they don't carry guns, probably never touched one in their lives. They probably don't hate anyone at the beginning. But when their plans are destroyed, they must put the blame on someone. Of course it is the occupation that they blame.
Today, I saw two important issues that need to be talked about. First the right to movement, this was sparked with the story of Khaled a Palestinian student at Bradford who is unable to leave Gaza, back to the UK, because Israel has closed the border. He lost an appeal at an Israeli court which judged in favour of the army, thus denying that the State of Israel has the obligation to allow Palestinians to move freely in and out of their country. This is a case of not only the right to movement, it is also about right to education. So all the hypocrites who opposed the boycott on the grounds of Academic Freedom, clearly appear to hold double standards because we can't hear their voices now.
The second issue is the essential right to health care. Maarive, the Israeli daily, reported yesterday that Israel is putting conditions on issuing permits for patients to get to hospitals. Let alone the idea that putting conditions on the provision of health care is a disgusting practice, the conditions themselves are even uglier. The permits are tied to the patient's agreement to collaborate with the Israeli army. Of course, collaboration means information on the whereabouts of people Israel wants to kill. Haaretz published another report on a Physicians for Human Rights statement that elaborated on this policy.
If you lost your legs because someone stopped you from reaching a hospital, what would you do? If you had to live seeing your father or son losing their limbs or even dying because someone stopped them from reaching a hospital what would you do? How would you feel?
See? The occupation is the root of all evils! it is not just an on a foreign land, it is an army in every detail of your life.

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