What's under the table?

Whenever there is a hint of any movement in the "peace process", or even in the war that Israel wages against them, Palestinians ask one question : What's being cooked under the table?
Well, something is always being cooked, isn't it? How else did Oslo come to life? These days, however, things are different. What worries me most is the fact that the "peace process" is actually moving despite the Gaza situation. In fact, it is moving because of the Gaza situation. Is it possible that in November we will hear a joint declaration that says West Bank first? Say the negotiations and efforts that are being spent these days aim at creating a Palestinian State in the West Bank. Is it probable? I don't usually give way to conspiracy theory, but something fishy is taking place:
First, Fatah loses Gaza, easy as that. Then a new government takes charge within two days- making the phone calls would have taken longer! The PLC is not working.
Then the new government treats Gaza as if it does not exist. There goes the first secession movement that is unchallenged. No effort is being done to change the situation. Fatah seems to be keen on keeping the new status quo.
And, more importantly, the negotiations are picking up pace.
So, are we moving towards the Independent State of the West Bank?


Anonymous said...

what independent west bank state are you talking about? it's a JAIL... uhhhhh and let's not lose hope in the minorities that we still can call "Palestinians", real ones.

Ned said...

it is called sarcasm, dear.