Annapolis: One big party

Annapolis is waiting for next Tuesday have its biggest party yet. Leaders of 40 countries are invited to celebrate the end of the two-state solution. Obviously, you cannot expect that single day to bring a progress that 60 years of an outstanding conflict and 17 years of negotiations could not bring. It would be ridiculous to expect that forty presidents will rush out of their bath tubs on Tuesday to King George shouting "Eureka!"
I, and many people with me, hope that on Monday evening the world will realise that so much time, effort and money has been wasted on the two state solution, that this solution is unfeasible, and that the time has come to recall our losses and start working on a real end to the conflict: An end that will ensure justice and equality for all.
More and more voices are coming out in support of the one state solution. It is not, as the Zionists would like to believe, a matter of the European radical left. Many mainstream leaders are seeing it as a potential solution. Even people like Condi have expressed concern about the fate of the two state solution. It is about time to present the one state solution as a real alternative.
Last week, London hosted the One State conference in SOAS. The conference entertained several possible formulas that would achieve a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. All these are worth looking into and examining their potential for ending the current conflict without infringing on the rights of any group. Then everybody can be happy and satisfied- well, except racists to whichever people they belong.

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