Take it or get lost!

When summing up Israel's attitude to peace with the Palestinians, and its other neighbours, it is a "take it or get lost!" attitude. These are the same words that Zvi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister told Saeb Erikat when he was trying to negotiate the joint declaration at Annapolis. He took it! After all to him we owe the great self-boasting quote: "The Palestinian Negotiation school is the most developed in the region!" Yeah right, and the results are obvious!
Annapolis came and went. We saw, for the first time in years, PA police using extreme force against demonstrators. Yesterday witnessed an unconstitutional ban on all demonstrations. If this was the PA's response to demonstrations against the conference, how are they going to respond to demonstration against an unfair deal? It is getting a little scary here. I hope my darkest thoughts wont materialise.

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