The Nablus Campaign

For two weeks now, a strong campaign has been waged in Nablus to restore law and order. The situation in Nablus was definitely the worst in the West Bank, and it really needed a strong campaign to maintain public safety.
However the strongest campaign that is being waged is a PR campaign Nablus is in the news everyday. Fayyad is visiting it once or twice a week, and each time new reports are published about how they are making progress in Nablus.
The details of the campaign are a little ambiguous. The PA has authority over the city between 6am and 12 midnight. The Israelis are free to enter between midnight and 6am. This division seems to suggest the following:
1. The PA will try to restore law and order
2. Those who pose a risk at the Palestinians will be arrested or will have to stop what they are doing and lay down their weapons.
3. if they don't, we'll get the Israelis to make them.

Fayyad Said: "Nablus is more important than Annapolis." It is, the life of Palestinians is much more important than any summit.

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