The Poor Bitch

You wouldn't expect a poor woman to be crying in front of French Guards of Honour would you? Well, this bitch is. Apparently she says that the USD 10,000 a month in her late husband's pensions are not enough to support her family (Mum and daughter).
Well, what the fuck are you doing in Malta then? And what on earth did you do with the 1 million a month you received for over a year?
I have no idea why we still pay this lady to lead an extravagant lifestyle. She earns half as the US president, and is not content! This money has better places to go to.
In our country we learn to let go of things, just forget, or ignore as we see people stealing a bit here, and a little there, and in the end, we find that the government has done nothing for the people. There are many corrupt leaders, but I have not seen a country that people boast about their corruption in. You can see the corrupt, you know they are corrupt, and the most that can be done for them is Kaf Yad "lifting their hands" which practically means: sit at home, do nothing, you will get your salary, but nothing more! Wow! that'll stop people!

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