Warsaw to Gaza

On the day the world marks the third International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Gaza goes into its 10th day of complete siege. Don't take the news of the biggest jail break in history too seriously, The siege is still on, fuel, food and medicine are still low.
"Let us never take our human rights for granted," says Ban Ki-Moon, the UNSG. True, and let us, on this day and everyday, think about those who's cannot enjoy these most basic rights. Since the siege was established, more than 70 persons have lost there lives due to not being able to receive medical treatment. By who? by the country that boasts one of the most advanced health services in the world.
On this day, and every day to come, we should know about those who continue to dwell in their past, turning the future of another people into a mirror image of what they passed through.
The thing about human suffering is that it is all equal. No one's pains are more sacred than others. If you really knew how the residents of Warsaw Ghetto felt on that November 1940 day, you will sure know how Gazans felt on the 17th of this month.
You can only honour the memory of those who died in the Holocaust, by 'never again' allowing it to happen to another people. If only those who say 'never again' just do it!


Anonymous said...

Norman Finkelstein's mother who is one holocaust survivor always repeatedly said this:
"لم يكن هناك من أتكئ عليه عندما عانيت، ولكني كنت أتمنى أن يكون هناك شخص ما. لذلك، عندما يعاني إنسان آخر، يجب علي أن أقف معه في محنته."
Nidal tarjem please

Ned said...

The translation:
When I was suffering, there was no one for me to lean to. I wished there was. That's why when someone else is suffering, I have to stand by them.

young_activist said...

Its interesting that you mention the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I recall reading a while back that the leader of the Uprising who is sill living in Poland has endorsed the Palestinian resistance.