Never before

Never before in contemporary history has there been a siege on more than one and a half million people, A siege that can put at danger their lives, and the world has stood there and watched. What is being allowed to happen in Gaza is an unprecedented. To let this happen, in the twenty first century is just an indication of how morally corrupt the world is.
In Gaza the main power generator engine has shot down. The second and last is due to shot down in few more hours. All of Gaza will go into the dark. That includes hospitals, which will not be able to continue to care for the patients without power.
Gaza is low on food and clean water, with the lack of power, it is hard to imagine how long it will take before the situation really turn into a humanitarian crisis. Children in Gaza went out in a demonstration asking the world to "stop killing [them]", but if the world doesn't interfere that's exactly what will happen.


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