Once, seven Ramadans ago, I spoke with this girl, I asked her the normal question of the day, are you fasting?
The answer I received was quite untraditional, and at the same time well thought out, and well defended. The basic idea of her speech is that fasting is more of a spiritual decision that you take when you believe you should. There is no point doing it if it does not come to context.
I was so impressed with the little babe's answer, that I went on to talk about her to my friends then. This did not impress many of them who's idea of religious duties is that they are actions (or lack of) that are unquestionable. However, they forget that this unquestionability devoids religion of its meaning. Believing in God because you read it in the book, or heard of him from you father or teacher, is not actually a belief.
Anyway, seven Ramadans have passed. one weary, one friendly, one friendlier, one lovely, one happy, one strange and one sad.
This last one, does not exist.

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Anonymous said...

Ned u have a great blog, always an interesting read. This year, I think I find myself in a similar position as that girl. When you say this one does not exist, are you not fasting this year?